Live Edge Furniture: Why Are These So Famous And What You Need To Know

The new age has a lot to offer in every aspect of lifestyle. So, when it comes to furniture we can surely talk about the latest live edge wood furniture, in short Antique Indian Furniture. This particular style range has become the centre of attraction as well as attention. But first of all, let us know what does the term ‘live edge’ refer to. ‘Live Edge’ is a style of furniture where the craftsman polishes the wood and either fills in the natural edges or holes with resin or just leaves them like that.

What makes them famous?

  • Visually aesthetic: The live edge furniture looks doubtlessly aesthetic and natural. They do look a lot soothing to the eyes as compared to the regular ones. Besides, if they are filled in with resin then they give a mesmerising and watery look, making them pretty.
  • Unique design: This style in furniture is soon beating the other styles and adding a lot of glam to the interior décor. The unique live edge furniture ideas will leave you awestruck since it takes a lot of creativity to craft them.
  • Recycled wood: Yes, they are made of recycled wood that reduces a lot of wastage of wood. Despite this, they are sturdy, attractive and serve the purpose of any other style of furniture.
  • Fashionable and modern: If you think you want modernity then the live edge furniture design fits the bill better than the traditional ones. The best part is, they complement any type of room décor.
  • Customise: You also have the free will to share your ideas to design the live edge furniture when the resin is used. The craftsman can add glitters, shells, pebbles, leaves, etc. to suit your choice.

Look out for these facts 

Before you purchaselive edge bedroom furniture or any other, check out the following:

  1. The wood slab must be dried well else it can grow damper and the enter piece of furniture will rot. Several changes occur during the drying process of the wood as well.
  2. Also, see if the resin has dried up completely and is not dripping from anywhere.
  3. Ask for the age of the wood as this will guarantee you its durability and longevity.
  4. Concentrate on the finish and polish of the product.

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