All You Need To Know About Mango Wood

If you are here, you are either planning for décor of your house or looking out for business, and you want to know all about mango wood to see if it qualifies for your needs of price, durability, and maintenance.

To start with, let us tell you that mango wood is a hardwood that assures durability and naturally water-resistant, hence, suitable for both outdoor and indoor furniture. This quality of the wood makes it a preferred wood by the furniture manufacturer in India, helping them to deliver assured quality in an assortment of designs.

Let’s get on with more details on mango wood:


Mango wood is obtained from the trees that bear the summer favourite fruit, mangoes. Mango trees are the staple of India, Mayanmar, and South East Asia for their suitable tropical climate. These trees are also found in Mexico, Australia, and Brazil.

Though these are the main sources of mango wood, you can find its production worldwide.


The hues of mango wood vary between light and golden brown. Shades and patterns in black, yellow, green and browns are also found in mango wood due to spalting.

Spalting is a result of fungus and insects on the wood that leaves beautiful patterns and colours. The wood is good to go after being dried and treated.

Many furniture houses demand spalted mango wood for their natural colours and formations that can be turned into attractive furniture conveniently.


The durability of mango wood can be judged by its ranking on the Janka hardness scale, which is 1070, making it a durable wood like ash or cherry wood.

Mango wood comes with dense grains, which make it durable to bear weights as that required for chairs and tables.

Mango wood furniture can last for generations, and it is advisable to keep it away from extreme heat and long exposure to high temperatures. This is suggested as extreme heat exposure can lead to dryness and cracking of wood.


Mango trees grow up to 80-100 feet in 15 years, and at this maturity, they almost stop bearing fruit. This is the time when new trees are planted and the old trees are discarded as timber.

As such, mango wood is easily available because of their abundance and does not lead to deforestation or cutting down of trees solely for timber.

In this way, the orchard owners earn more and the furniture industry source quality wood sustainably and ethically.

Moreover, the durability of the wood does not require replacing the furniture often, contributing to reduced demand and burden on the furniture industry.

Despite being a hardwood, mango wood is easy to work with. This is why you find intricate designs of furniture in mango wood at reasonable prices by the best wooden furniture manufacturer in India. Mango wood furniture is a great option to own sustainable, long- lasting, and eco-friendly furniture that requires low maintenance and keeping costs.

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